PS3′s Killzone 3 Receives Lukewarm Reviews

Killzone 3, launched recently by Sony for the PS3 is seen as a very big advancement in the genre of first-person shooters and science fiction combat games. The game can be played in stereoscopic 3D using the new PlayStation Move motion-sensing controller to provide an experience in immersive reality gaming which hasn’t been witnessed before. However, even while these features make the experience and feel of the game an innovation, they don’t quite make up for the shortcomings of the game in the other fields.

This was an important release for Sony as it was the first “hardcore” game to fully utilize its motion-sensing controller, which has till now been outshone by the popularity of the more casual camera based Microsoft Kinect motion sensing system. Many video game production houses are preparing their own releases to make use of the Move controller in a more effective manner. If these are able to gain considerable popularity, this new controller can become a landmark in the Sony PlayStation’s economy. However, if these titles fail, the new controller will eventually fade away like so many of its similar predecessors have failed after creating an initial buzz upon release.

The experience of using the wand-like Move controller along with its complementary left-hand navigation unit is decent at best, but nowhere near enthralling. While the Move controller and the gameplay of Killzone 3 is good enough to keep users occupied for hours, it is its weak storyline which makes the game very hard to take seriously for long. The new edition in the otherwise epic   shooter series has received lukewarm ratings from reviewers which are mainly credited to its poor story. This seems to be a result of the decision of Guerrilla Games, its developers, to release the game in a hurry, just a year after the last release in the series. How do you think the Move platform will evolve over the coming year or so? Will it remain competitive in response to the Kinect’s popularity?