Never Dead

Graphics: 4/10

Story: 4/10

Game Play: 3/10

Never Dead is a prime example of a failed ‘Hack and Slash’ mimic game. Although there are one or two creative innovations and original ideas that have been added into the game to make it a ‘One of a kind’ third person real-time action game, it falls miles short of anything it is trying to compete against, like Devil May Cry and Darksiders.

There is a complete lack of story, no engaging characters and the gameplay is shocking. On any difficulty level, the game is frustrating at best, whether you are new to gaming or an avid gamer, you will hate this game.

You run around with a character named Bryce, who is supposed to be as cool as Duke Nukem and as badass as War from Darksiders, this combination in conjunction with below average graphics and juvenile gameplay and poor storyline makes this a terrible gaming experience.

One of the most frustrating aspects to this dreadful game is the constant dismembering of the main character, on average, two hits from an agro AI and the main character’s body falls apart. Granted, it was pretty cool to come across the first five times it happened, the rest of the time it’s irritating. The ‘Mob’ names are terribly generic, the game is very buggy and easily stumbled upon, which is evidence of poor coding. The lock on or targeting assisting which is critical in this game, due to very slow panning, is pretty nonexistent, due to the fact that even after locking onto a creature, if that creature lands up behind you, you will still proceed to attack in the original position of the creature.

In game, ‘Bryce’ will share with you key bits of information on how to pass or proceed through a level, but as soon as you are attacked by mob the help tips stop and the information is not repeated nor is the user able to retrieve the info. Also, the use of just ones head to unlock rooms and kill creatures is simply ridiculous.

The controls are pretty standard and not to difficult to master, the game is not challenging or engaging, the cut sequences have decent graphics and are worth a look at but in-game graphics and environmental interaction is basic and lusterustre.

On the plus side, the sword or ‘Butterfly Blade’ is pretty cool. That is the only plus side.

Overall verdict, this game is terrible and whoever invested time and money in this horrific excuse for an afternoons entertainment, should be sent to a special type of hell, reserved for lawyers and people who talk at the movies.