Kingdoms Of Amalur – Reckoning

Graphics 7/10

Story: 8/10

Game Play: 8/10

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning for PC, the single player RPG with a dynamic, full of life, visually wonderful, massive scale, World of Warcraft style environment, which is wondrous and appealing to the senses. This game is very well done and very well thought out. From the beginning, it is captivating and really easy to settle into. If you are a fan of an epic feeling RPG, full of social interaction with in depth AI characters, intriguing story, captivating world environment, detailed spell casting animation and a user determined path of game to follow, then this is for you.

The battle system in conjunction with combo attacks and special abilities makes fighting very fun and completely engaging. A special addition to the game, which the game creators should be praised for is the ability to mash classes together, for example being a warrior class and doing sorcerer class spells to overcome multiple foes. Using quick attacks with daggers whilst having the ability to use high damage area of effect attacks, is absolutely wonderful.

The Kingdoms are very easy to navigate through and the gameplay engine is very user-friendly and easy to master. Mission or quest objectives are direct and to the point, making the game a delight to play.

AI voice over’s are very pleasant, which provides a jovial depth of character and gives life to coding, making the game environment and the environmental interactions ‘warm’. Unfortunately, the main character lacks a good voice over, which other games utilized, like the voice for Geralt from ‘The Witcher 1 and 2′ or commander Shepard from ‘Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3′. Just a lack of a little thing like that, prevents a good game, from being great.

The diversity of enemies is really refreshing, due to the vastness of the world environment. The addition of certain traits and abilities assists in the eradication of boring mob fighting, for example using stealth to sneak up on foes and using a back stab attack to quickly kill an enemy with one attack, is really fun and visually satisfying. Attacking multiple adversary’s is engaging and exciting (depending on the difficulty level) when using multiple heavy attacks in ligation with magic, making the embroilment inventive and gratifying.

The overall verdict for Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is fantastic fun. It has lived up to expectation and truly provides hours of imaginative adventure in a utopian world environment. A real treat for the RPG enthusiast and an ambrosial adventure to sink your teeth into. Definitely a paramount divertissement in its own right.